Belated Answer For Where In Western Mass 5/22

Sorry this is so late but my computer has been in the shop.  The photos that made up the Where in Western Mass for 5-22-13 were of the Trustees of Reservations property Naumkeag.  It’s such a fun place to shoot that I could have kept posting photos for several more weeks.

I highly recommend checking out both the house and the grounds.  I took these photos right after they had closed for the season and before they had begun their complete restoration of the grounds.

I happen to be a fan of how it looks now, kind of creepy and mysterious but I’m sure the restoration will be amazing when it’s done.

The website they have set up for the restoration is beautifully done and has lots of fascinating details about the property.


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Berkshire Shorts Film Festival Still Accepting Submissions

Attention Western Mass filmmakers of all kinds.  If you’re looking for a way to get your short film in front of a local audience in a proper venue check out the locally organized Berkshire Shorts Film Festival coming up in July.  There is still time to submit your film for consideration and while it may not have the glitz and glamour of the big festivals it also doesn’t have the application fees.

Please check out the press kit from organizer and Berkshire native filmmaker Patrick Toole:

Dear friends and filmmakers,
The Berkshire Shorts Film Festival Summer 2013 is now accepting all submissions! We’re taking all kinds; narrative, drama, animation, experimental, zombie, gripping documentaries, cerebral comedies, clowning instructional videos, ALL KINDS! Send your submissions via online screener or mail to me, Pat Toole (contact info below.) The date for the show is July 6th at the Spectrum playhouse. February’s show was so darn great, and a big thanks to everyone who came out, that we had to have another before the fall. I myself will be personally screening all submissions, and picking the best 10 or so to create another great show.

Earlybird deadline: June 10th
Late deadline: June 30th

Submission fees: NONE! How you like them apples?!

Please feel free to share this info and forward this email to any filmmakers you know. As a filmmaker myself, I know that we kill for a chance to show our films at a real venue.

Press Info:

WHAT IT IS: The third triennial Berkshire Shorts Film Festival is a night of local and independent films made by up-and-coming filmmakers, students, and animators. The festival is free to attend, free to submit, and open to the public. We will be accepting submissions up until October 5th of all kinds: short narrative, documentary, experimental, student, music video, etc. The only requirement for submission is that the film be 20 minutes or shorter.

OUR GOAL: To give local and indie filmmakers a place to show their films to an audience of peers and friends. We put a lot of work into our films, and sometimes it’s hard to even get it screened at a real venue. We can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on film festival submission fees with no such luck. The Berkshire Short Film Festival is a place to showcase your work, and make it as easy as possible to get your film out there into the universe.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Patrick Toole is a Berkshire native who attended film school in Philadelphia. He has produced and directed several independent short films in the area and works as a freelance editor and deli chef. Toole is working with Dan McManmon and Kyle Goldman at the New Spectrum Playhouse and the College Internship Program to deliver an event that will be fun and interesting for the entire community. A night to showcase the art of film on the local scale.

Spectrum Playhouse
20 Franklin Street
Lee, MA 01238

July 6th – 2013


Contact: Patrick Toole

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Promotion: Free Photo Shoot With Property Listing

I don’t know about you but as much as we needed this rain I’m starting to feel some cabin fever and a little shutterhappy.

I’d like to hit the road and do some scouting soon.

May through July happen to be the times of the year from which I have the fewest scouting photos.  It also happens to be the time when most production happens in Massachusetts, so having photos of that time of year is very important.

To that end I’m extending a limited time offer of:

A free photo shoot of your property when you sign up for ANY level of entry in the database!

Normally I only give free photo shoots to properties that sign up for the Premium level listing but I will extend that to all levels of listings as long as you schedule the shoot before July 31st.

If you do opt for the premium listing I will include use of all the photos for a real estate listing and/or marketing of your business at no extra charge (usually $100).

If you are interested in having your property listed please email me at or fill out this form below.  I am looking for all types of properties including homes and businesses.

Please click here for more information about levels of listings.

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Answer for Where In Western Mass 5-15-12

Here are all the photos from last week’s Where In Western Mass.  There were no correct guesses.  The numbered route I was looking for was Route 63 which goes from North Amherst Center up to the New Hampshire border.

I’ll still give a prize to anyone who can give me the street name where the photos were taken and what town their in.

New contest coming soon.

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Answer For Where In Western Mass 5/8

There were no correct guesses for this week’s Where In Western Mass Wednesday contest.  Here are the four photos:

The correct answer is The Knightville dam in Huntington, MA.  I guess it’s more obscure than I realized.  I probably should have known since I had never actually taken the time to drive up to it myself and had only seen it while driving on Rte 112.

The dam is located on the East Branch of the Westfield River in Huntington.  The dam is one of several used for flood control of the Westfield and other tributaries to the Connecticut.

From the Army Corps of Engineer Website:

Corps personnel, in conjunction with RRT, regulate the amount of water released downstream by raising or lowering the three gates located in the gatehouse at the dam. In a time of high water, the gates are lowered in order to hold back the water, only to be released when downstream river conditions begin to recede.

When I took these photos in April of 2012 the river was quite low and the dam looked odd and almost superfluous sitting out there by itself.  That was not the case in April of 1987 when it prevented a flood on par with the infamous flood of 1936.

From the Army Corps of Engineer Website:

In April 1987, a flood similar to that of 1936 occurred. Heavy rains fell on a deep snowpack causing rapid melting and run-off. Knightville Dam held back a record amount of flood waters. For only the second time in its history, water flowed over its spillway scouring a channel down to bedrock. However, Knightville slowed down the flow of water reducing serious flooding problems in communities downstream along the Westfield and Connecticut Rivers.

One can easily park by the office and walk along the dam for a stunning view in both directions.  Again, I was there in April so it was pretty stark but in the fall it’s a great place for leaf peeping.

Beneath the dam there are picnic facilities, hiking trails, and of course the Westfield is a prime river for trout fishing.

Nearby on the Middle Branch of the river is the Littleville dam which forms Littleville Lake. Littleville provides all kinds of water recreation and can be a pretty busy place.  The Knightville Dam is generally quieter and provides a less crowded option.  Both are well worth a visit.

To see more photos including a shot from Rte 112 that may be more familiar please check out this set on Flickr.  I will be adding the photos to the site soon and will provide a link to that when it’s done.

Have you been to Knightville or Littleville?  Feel free to post any links to photos or anything else in the comment field below.

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Please Welcome NCTV To The Vendor Guide

Northampton Community Television Logo

Northampton Community TV

I’m happy to announce the addition of Northampton Community Television to the Vendor Guide.

NCTV is best known for their diverse programming available on local cable channels 12, 15, and 23 and online.

What not everyone knows is that they also offer rentals of their equipment and facilities to the public.

Available rentals include

Production Facilities include:

If you need a camera or other gear for a quick shoot or need to finish some editing or tv studio with digital switching capabilities give them a call.  Also check them out on Facebook and on Twitter @northamptontv

Here is a PDF with a list of the equipment and facilities that are available for rent:  NCTV List of Rental Services

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Where In Western Mass 5/1 Answer

Here are all 4 photos from last week’s Where In Western Mass Wednesday.

The city was correctly identified on Tumblr as North Adams.  Hopefully I will soon be at the most well known part of town, Mass Moca for the Solid Sound Music Festival.  When it comes to filming locations North Adams has a lot more than that to offer…

To see more photos or to inquire about filming in North Adams or about hiring me to scout a specific property that you see in these photos please visit the entry in The Location Reservoir Database:

You can also contact me directly below:

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